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About OUR

The week prior to the start of each academic school year, Cal Poly organizes a week-long orientation program to facilitate the transition of incoming first-year and transfer students called Week of Welcome (WOW).

Orientation for United Raza (OUR) started in the mid-90's to provide a lower-cost alternative to WOW. It is specifically designed for students from multicultural backgrounds to develop a network, or a familia, between incoming and current students.

Unique to this program, each OUR group comprises of students from different residential halls and majors. As a result, OURies are able to form connections with peers aside from their neighbors.

About Us

Orientation for United Raza (OUR) is an alternative to Week of Welcome (WOW). OUR places an emphasis on creating a community for incoming first-year and transfer students by integrating students from different majors and resident halls into each OUR group. With a high leader to OURie ratio, OUR allocates more opportunities to develop a mentor/mentee relationship with the OUR leaders. More Info


"OUR was a great experience! It was fun, everybody was so nice, and the leaders made sure everyone was welcome and having a good time. Considering how much cheaper it is to WOW, OUR had just as much, if not more activities! I had an awesome time participating in OUR." -Carol Wu View Testimonials


OUR familia is not possible without amazing volunteers as yourself! If you will be in SLO anytime during the Week and would like to help out, either by driving or cooking meals, please apply to be a volunteer today. Apply to Volunteer


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