About XYC

The conference is put on every year to encourage and educate local high school minority students on the resources available to them to obtain a higher education after high school. Many times due to low income or lack of informational resources at school or home, students are prevented from considering college/university study after high school graduation. However, the XYC is designed to engage students in the reality that they can go to college, regardless of income, ethnicity, sex, or family background.

Through workshops, students get a diverse view of the different processes of applying to college/university, receiving financial aid, and the prospective careers that will make them successful leaders and individuals. Education is empowerment for growth and success in today’s world. By attending the conference we, as MEXA students, hope that we call attention to how important diversity is to any career, educational environment and community. As individuals with diverse upbringings and world views, we need to work together to contribute new ideas and innovations to constantly improve the quality of life for our people as a whole.

As Cal Poly MEXA, SLO, we refuse to leave anyone behind in their right for a higher education due to lack of resources or encouragement. Our Xicano guests, workshop facilitators, keynote speakers, local artists, danzantes, and musicians that will be at the conference are examples of Xicano men and women of similar ethnic backgrounds and educational experiences that worked hard and succeeded by taking advantage of the right to attend college/university. Additionally, the MEXA Xicano Youth Conference team hopes that by coming to Cal Poly, students will get a first hand look at what a university campus consists of and get to know the students who came from high school just like their’s.